Original Chinese Wedding Bed

Original dates back about 200 years. This Chinese canopy bed has extraordinary details and was originally commissioned by a family of some status based on the quality of its details. Simply carved bed post, crowns, rails, and interior crowns are beautifully carved and striped by hand from the original, red, green paint, with gold highlights and intricate inlays  . The carving of eternal knots, wise men, marriage scenes and fruits all meticulously made . The painting of natural fauna also embellishes the rich teak stain interior while Chinese red lacquer is used on the front. This wedding bed also has a alcove for the added purpose to place a table . This bed is made of teak wood and is all simply joined together using tongue and grove joinery. Surprisingly simple to put together with two or three people with a rubber mallet, and tape measure. We suggest this as a bedroom bed but also as a living room rest area and is meant to be used with fabric curtains to enhance privacy and rest.  Additional information and photos upon request. This authentic and extremely rare item has been very well maintained for over two hundred years with very little restoration.


  • Size- 85"w X 77d X 93"H
  • Vestibule inside- 79 x 23.5 x 80"H
  • Bed area - 79 x 49 x 61"H
  • Mattress area- 79x 47"
  • Solid Elm wood
  • Condition- Very Good
  • Approximately 200 year old
  • Ships Common carrier, expert packing, insured
  • Assembly required, simple joinery.
  • Your $ OFFER CONSIDERED, call or Email us.